UI designer

at EY Seren



  • Design a customer focued dashboard providing simple, objective data about the UK water industry. I was bought in to provide UI and data visualisation designs as part of the wider project team.



The team had conducted a series of co-creation workshops with customers as well as card sort, brainstorm and ranking sessions to determine the key metrics consumers were most interested in. Personas were created and six themes were identified which were later aligned with the steering group themes and thus, the foundation of the website was born.



I was bought in to help create UI based on UX wireframes as well as create or update data visualisations and illustrations, based on the existing design system. The designs had to align with the principles outlined at the start of the project, which were:

Clarity: Good design is honest. It needs to be immediately clear to the user what the value proposition of the product is.

Digestibility: Good design should be easy to digest. Simple, uncluttered and common hierarchies to remove mental computing.

Credibility and trust: Removing doubt to create easier interaction in the future and reduce mental load

Delight: Digital products need to be enjoyable to use. More fun means more engagement can be expected.

Familiarity: Familiar patterns should be used as humans like patterns and actively search for them.

With each phase of the project, designs were tested and validated to ensure there was good comprehension of both the content and data visualisations being presented. Working in an Agile framework allowed for further development and changes to content which didn't respond well with participants.